Pump control automation

Graco Harrier +

The Harrier+ controller includes remote connectivity, allowing you to monitor, control and calibrate your system away from your injection site via cellular or SCADA connection. You don’t have to be on site – monitor your system from your cell phone! The Harrier+ controller the injection rate via timing, cycle count or flow control. The controller: 

• Uses patent pending, adaptive injection rate controls that provide accuracy of +/- 1% – The controllers use sensors along with Graco software to adjust to changes in the application such as well pressure or battery voltage

 • Controls and monitors your system remotely with a cellular connection and web app

• Operates remotely • Receives maintenance notifications and alarms 

• Generates chemical usage reports easily

Siemens Logo & PLC

Every decision maker faces mounting pressure to increase productivity and efficiency, through optimizing energy costs and maintenance downtime. Those with innovative ideas are looking to their industrial partners for flexible controllers that perform multiple opera- tions requiring minimal troubleshooting and maintenance. No other logic module satisfies these requirements better than LOGO!. The original and world‘s number one logic module for switching and control.

The LOGO! system from Siemens is the ideal controller for simple automation tasks in the Oil and Gas Industry. The intelligent logic module features maximum user friendliness and satisfies nearly every functional requirement with high speed precision, efficient instructions and memory design. Applications can easily be accomplished with LOGO! and its large selection of expansion modules.